Score For the Poor

This August marked the 9th Annual Score for the Poor Soccer Camp which raised money for the Little Sisters of the Poor in Richmond. This year’s camp was extremely special because over 65 campers and counselors participated.

In honor of the Olympics, the campers played a variety of sports and geography games. On the first day each camper picked a name of a country out of a hat and then competed in a relay race. Each camper had to find their country on a map and label it. The two favorite games of the camp were an Amazing Race scavenger hunt and a soccer drill called World Cup. But the camper’s all agreed that their favorite day of camp was when Sister Joseph Marie and Mother Paul came all the way up from Richmond to visit the campers. The Sisters not only described what they do at the Saint Joseph home in Richmond, but they sang a song in unison explaining to the campers how the Little Sisters live a life of begging to help the elderly. The Sisters then passed out cookies to each of the campers. The cookies were made by an extremely generous volunteer, Kim, who spent the time to make each one look like a soccer ball.

The 9th Annual Score of the Poor was an overwhelming success raising over $2,500 for the Residents entrusted to the Little Sisters of the Poor. To see more photos and a video of this year’s camp, please visit