Reflections of an Intern

By, Kelsey Still


Eight weeks ago I found myself walking into the front doors at Little Sisters of the Poor as an administrative intern from Mary Baldwin College.  As the doors opened, I took a deep breath, straightened my jacket, and stepped inside ready to take on the world.

Eight weeks later here I am, a different person. From the outside I look the same. However, on a deeper inspection, I find myself to be forever changed. Little Sisters of the Poor opened my mind to a new world of long term care in which each Resident is loved and cherished. I found myself in a loving Home with a family that wants nothing more than to make someone smile. All that matters at the end of the day is making the Residents happy.

My internship experience has been a blessing. My best memories come from scrubbing pots in the dish room in a skirt, to mopping bathrooms, and even filing papers. I was able to meet so many wonderful people who I am honored to call friends and role models.

What I learned at Little Sisters of the Poor cannot be taught in a classroom. One day I hope to be the administrator of a facility and bring my experiences at Little Sisters of the Poor into that Home. If I am able to take out into the world just one ounce of love and care that exists here, then I will be sure to make an impact on someone’s life.