A Special Gift from God

As described by Sr. Mary Jeanette:

“A few weeks ago Mother Paul received an e-mail from a woman named Pamela, who identified herself as the sister of our Resident Tommy. She asked us to speak with him about her.  I spoke with Tommy and gave him the details she had shared with us about her having once lived in Washington DC, where his father had relocated after leaving Richmond.  Many years ago, she happened to hear her father speak about Tommy, and then when her Grandmother’s house burned down and they were going through the rubble, Pamela found an old birthday card that her father had received years earlier from Tommy’s mother. The card had a Richmond return address on it, and this is when she began her quest to find her brother through services that assist in locating people.  Her search lasted for over 30 years and finally she traced him to our Home.  We sent her a picture of Tommy in the mail as she requested and a short time later she visited.

Pamela arrived at 11:30 a.m. and stayed for dinner and several hours after just visiting with Tommy.  She brought family photo albums and they spent the afternoon going through them together. The visit was very touching and Tommy has expressed his deep joy at now knowing he has a sister since he has lived his whole life as an only child. The same holds true for Pam, who stated that Tommy is all she has for she too was an only child.  She has written to him and promises to visit again for the holidays and take him out for a while.  Pamela’s friend, Steve, accompanied her for the visit and promised to make sure that they take Tommy out for a hamburger, which he told them he loves.  

This encounter was truly a special gift for Tommy from God.”