Residents Say ‘Cheers!’ to Friday


Residents kicked off the Memorial Day weekend with a fabulous bash on the back patio for the Friday Cheers on the Patio Fish Fry. The home was bustling with activity all day as staff prepared for the party, stringing bistro lighting, placing tablecloths, and finalizing the little details that would make for a beautiful evening. Festivities began at five pm, with Residents making their way to the patio where they were met by fun, friends, and great food. Maintenance Engineer CJ Meade manned the fryers and cooked up some delicious fried flounder to accompany a great spread of dishes prepared by the kitchen. Residents strapped on their dancing shoes and delighted in tunes from the 1950’s and 1960’s spun by their very own DJ, bringing back great memories for all. Even the Sisters stopped in to check out the fun!