Be Inspirational

As we age, one thing we ask is: What am I going to do for the rest of my life?
My answer is:

Be Inspirational.

Remember a person in your life who, by just living their life, has made you into a happier, more motivated, and more compassionate individual. This person is probably inspirational. Inspirational people encourage us to live extraordinary lives.

They live without doubting the capability of happiness. They live as if there is no tomorrow, but they fill their lives with acts of goodness, charity, and patience, instead of doing what they think fulfills their life. They live in the present moment by acting in the present moment, by getting involved in life. They never waste a smidgeon of time on making an image of themselves, nor on collecting things to boost their morale. Inspirational people never leave life by the wayside.

During my internship at the Little Sisters of the Poor, I have met inspirational people. I have met nurses who dress the residents every morning with care, who speak reassuring words to the elderly, who smile and encourage the other employees. I have met consecrated religious Sisters who are devoted to God and His freely-given love, and who work for no personal gain whatsoever. I have met countless employees who are all dedicated to the mission of the Little Sisters of the Poor, that of making the elderly happy. I have met dedicated volunteers who have devoted may years of their life to helping the elderly—from serving food, to gardening, to helping out wherever help is needed. I have met elderly men and women who encourage me to live life to its fullest as a result of their genuine words and deeds.

There is one woman that I have had the pleasure of being introduced to during my time here. Without her, I would be farther away from the saving love that endures all things. This woman is St. Jeanne Jugan. By her devotion to the elderly poor, and her trust in Divine providence for all things of her life, she encourages me to live more faithfully and to live so as to avoid all sin and sinful affections. She shows me the infinite worth in living with heaven as my goal. Any other ultimate end I could not handle, nor would it justify the good things done to me.

The amazing thing is that we are all called to and are capable of greatness. Knowing this truth is the issue our world faces today. We are called to have no thought of ill will to our neighbor; to fight justly and morally, and in line with the Truth, for those who cannot fight. If we never face our battles, if we never fight in the name of all that is good, then we will never be inspirational.

When I leave here this week, I will miss all of the people I have met. I will take what I have learned with me forever, and if all is well and good, we will all see each other again. We do not know what the future holds, but right now we can make good choices, choices which benefit our body, mind, and soul. Make YOLO (you only live once) mean something real to you right now. You only have one life, and that life is meant for greatness. Death comes to us, we do not know how or when, but choose to do good forever and all will be good. Life is worth living, not wasting.