Meet Our Family

“When I was hired 30 years ago, I was told my number one responsibility was to make the Residents happy; and every day I have worked, I have tried to do that. I hope I will continue doing that until the day I retire."

“Residents, employees, and Sisters, yes, we may disagree with each other once in a while, but at the end of the day these are the very people who give forgiveness, hugs, compassion and support to each other, which makes us family! That’s why I work here; that’s why I stay. It’s home!"
– Eileen Taylor, Receptionist

“I came to live here a year and eight months ago. I had seven children, but they’re all so involved in things and have families of their own, so although they were all gracious and precious about wanting me to come live with them, I felt I would be a burden to them. I know that I was right about that. I’m very happy here. The whole atmosphere is so beautiful. They do such a good job getting the right personalities and selecting the right people for the right jobs. The employees are always cleaning and working all the time—it’s the cleanest place I’ve ever been in! But the main thing I love about being here is the nuns. They are truly dedicated to God, and they have such sincerity, gentleness, and kindness. They show such a love of God."
– Gertrude Napotnik, Resident, 94 years old

“92-year-old Natalie Nase is incredibly friendly, charming, and humorous. She shares stories from her life and quirky tales without breaking a smile. She is a loving mother, as well as a proud grandmother and great-grandmother. She adores gardening, sewing, and cooking, while priding herself on being incredibly well-rounded and apt to smile. It is clear that Mrs. Nase lives to share happiness and laughs with those around her. Without a doubt, she spreads light everywhere she goes."
– Natalie Nase, Resident (as related by Junior Volunteer Ariel Dantona)

“Every week I help serve dinner at St. Joseph’s Home for the Aged. The kindness and compassion I encounter there from the staff, the Little Sisters, and the Residents has encouraged me to continue to come weekly long after all my community service requirements for school were met.”

– Isaac Buckley, Junior Volunteer

“For three years, every Sunday, I have set dining room tables at Little Sisters of the Poor. My special needs sister, Cristina was beginning high school—soon she would be working, but there was no place that would accept her. Little Sisters did not mind that she couldn’t do multiplication tables as fast as other kids her age—they accepted her because they were able to find the goodness in everyone. I signed on to help my sister in the dining hall to aid her as a ‘job coach.’ The environment here is welcoming, the employees are truly inspirational, and the sisters are kind to all. My sister and I have only missed about ten Sunday volunteering sessions in these past three years because we love coming so much. We have decorated the dining hall for Thanksgiving; we have helped lead resident group exercises; we have chit chatted with Residents; we have established relationships with the most giving people. I consider all the Residents, all the sisters, all of the employees as my greatest supports. These people have changed our lives in ways that my sister and I never would have imagined. There is much we have to thank them for.”
– Sandra Menendez, Junior Volunteer

“I enjoy having the ability to check on my dad as frequently as possible. Since my schedule is so varied, it is important to me that I can make sure he is being cared for every day, even on weekends and holidays. In this family-oriented environment, I know that my dad will be personally taken care of by care managers who act as patient advocates between the “Little Sisters of the Poor” and my family. Although my research has told me that some nursing home patients are susceptible to dehydration and malnutrition, I know that dad has a healthy diet and eats and drinks well. I would recommend “Little Sisters of the Poor” to anyone who is seeking care for their loved one."
– LaTrice Bray, Resident Family Member