We Are Under Construction!

For those of you who attended our Annual Dinner back in February or have visited the Home recently and had to navigate around our construction, you’ll know that we have been in the process of completing a major renovation for our grounds. The parking lot project was paid for as a part of the Mother’s Challenge in this year’s Annual Dinner, with generous donors contributing to the plans to totally revamp the parking lot in an effort to eliminate the pot holes, cracks, and uneven surfaces that posed a safety hazard for our Residents. It has been quite the undertaking, but just this week they have taken on the final step in the process and we are starting to see the beautiful results! Check out these photos of the heavy machinery. They have ripping out the old lot and leveling the ground beneath where the new asphalt will be. We are so thankful for everyone who contributed to making this project a reality, as you have helped us take one more step in ensuring we can provide our dear Residents with the best, safest environment.