Women Speak for Themselves Lends a Hand to the Residents for National Day of Service

WSFT 4 pics

As many of you may know, on March 23 the United States Supreme Court heard the oral arguments in Zubik v. Burwell, the religious liberty case that includes six other cases, one of which is the lawsuit for the Little Sisters of the Poor. This day was also deemed a National Day of Service by the Women Speak for Themselves (WSFT) movement, who aims to support religious organizations in their battle for religious liberty. On the 23rd, while the Supreme Court was hearing the arguments for the case and the Mother Superior from each home gathered in Washington, WSFT urged its members to volunteer in the Little Sisters of the Poor home in their local area to lend support to the Sisters and their Residents.

WSFT group photo

We were blessed to have a great group of women working alongside our Sisters and bringing smiles to the faces of our Residents. Volunteers spread out throughout the home, working in the garden, giving manicures to Residents, peeling vegetables in the kitchen, helping in the Arts and Crafts Department, and helping Residents dye Easter eggs. We want to extend our sincerest gratitude to these wonderful women for demonstrating their support and spending time with our Residents. We hope to see them again soon!