Valentine’s Party

On February 12th, the students from the Catholic Campus Ministry at the University of Mary Washington were fortunate enough to spend their Saturday with the Little Sisters of the Poor and their dear Residents. Valentine’s Day was in the air, as we sipped our tea, ate treats—ranging from a chocolate fondue fountain to cupcakes—and treasured one another’s company. Music was also in the air! The CCM’s dedicated choir members came equipped with song books and provided entertainment, from show tunes to ballads to swing dancing. Also, two very talented harpists visited the party and played beautifully. It was an elegant occasion, and fun was certainly had by all!

I was blessed with the opportunity to drive to Richmond the night before, where I was greeted warmly by Sr. Joseph Marie. I had dinner with the Residents, and I was shown truly amazing hospitality from the Little Sisters. After dinner, I met the wonderful Wanda Vizcaino (who, alongside Sr. Joseph Marie, keeps the Hospitality Club running smoothly), and we had a fun evening of talking and decorating for the party. Our proudest accomplishment was completing a balloon archway of sorts. We told stories, laughed, and truly enjoyed setting up for the following day’s festivities.

The next morning, I helped serve the Residents’ breakfast and then met the other members of the Hospitality Club. During Mass, we new inductees to the club were presented with blue aprons. I felt so fortunate to be included in such a happily charitable group of people. Throughout the party, the Residents kept thanking me for helping with everything. But I wanted to thank them instead. They showed me such kindness and told me such wonderful stories about their lives! I left late Saturday afternoon, feeling truly filled with the love of the Holy Spirit. In the words of St. Jeanne Jugan, “Love God very much, so that you can look after the aged well, for it is Jesus whom you care for in them.”