On the Campaign Trail

Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) that is! Also, the Commonwealth of Virginia Campaign (CVC). Sr. Joseph Marie and Special Events and Communications Coordinator, Caroline Steadman, are busy going all over the State to various Federal and State organizations for the charity fair season. If you are a state or government employee, and happen to see a CFC or CVC charity fair going on at your office, look for the Little Sisters of the Poor display, and come say ‘Hi!’ The fall is prime campaign season so there are many charity fairs being scheduled. Of course they can’t get to them all, but make sure to stop by if you see Sister! While the CVC is statewide, we participate in the following CFC campaigns: Central Virginia Area CFC, CFC of South Hampton Roads, CFC of the Virginia Peninsula, Potomac CFC, Thomas Jefferson Area CFC, and CFC of Southwestern-Central Virginia.