My Vacation in Flemington


































Every year, Residents from our Home in Virginia are cordially invited to a ‘vacation’ at the Little Sisters of the Poor home in Flemington, NJ. This year, Bob, Charlie, Esperanza, and I were able to go. The home was formerly a convent of Carmelite Sisters and is in a magnificent setting, overlooking the city of Flemington. This monastery is surrounded by a wall and has an inner courtyard; similar to the one at Lisieux, where St. Therese is often pictured standing next to a large crucifix.


The Sisters took us to the Shady Maple restaurant in Lancaster county for a wonderful dinner. Approximately 8,000 meals are served daily. To give you an idea of the massive food selection, I enjoyed beef, turkey, chicken, lima beans, macaroni and cheese, green peas, and mashed potatoes followed by two large bowls of ice cream drowning in hot fudge. Wow!


A few days later, we went to the Polish shrine of Our Lady of Chestahova in Doylestown. We were able to participate in Holy Mass, Adoration, and praying the rosary before our Eucharistic Lord. On the side walls of the main sanctuary, there are crutches and various gifts left by the faithful, in thanksgiving for many answered prayers.


One afternoon, we had a “Red Hat Party,” during which time we decorated our hats, put on the official “Red Scarf,” slung a red bag over our arms and had our photos taken. It really gave us some laughs!


Another afternoon we had a cookout in the backyard. The hot dogs and hamburgers were as beautifully presented as they were tasty, as were all of our meals.


From the extraordinary oatmeal and eggs in the morning to the soups in the evening, we all want to express gratitude to the Little Sisters for their myriad loving attentions and living out their beautiful Vow of Hospitality. May God bless them, now and always. May their numbers increase!