Mrs. Maureen McDonnell

On Tuesday, November 9, 2010, First Lady of Virginia, Mrs. Maureen McDonnell, hosted a reception at the Governor’s Mansion in our honor. In gratitude for the lovely evening, we presented Mrs. McDonnell with several tokens of appreciation, including a small pin bearing the likeness of Saint Jeanne Jugan and a patriotic straw hat, which she enthusiastically placed on her head.

We also presented Governor and Mrs. McDonnell with a Virginia flag, which was accompanied by a note from Mother General Celine stating: “This state flag of Virginia was flown above the motherhouse of the Little Sisters of the Poor in La Tour, France, and was laid upon the tomb of Saint Jeanne Jugan, asking her blessing on the compassionate people of the Commonwealth of Virginia, who have partnered with us in caring for Virginia’s elderly poor for 136 years.”

Mrs. McDonnell expressed her gratitude, not only for these gifts, but also for the many gifts the Sisters have given the Residents of Virginia through their service to the elderly poor. Mrs. McDonnell encouraged her guests to take the time to “learn more about the Sisters’ good work and to see how you might increase your involvement in support of this wonderful organization.”