Mother’s Musings

A Reflection from Mother Paul Mary

Our Virginia bishops recently traveled to Rome for their regularly scheduled Ad Limina meeting with the Pope. Their visit was a working pilgrimage in the heart of the Church. During their encounter with Benedict XVI, evangelization was very much on his mind. Pope Benedict, who sees the global reality of the secularization of society, reminded them of some of the pressing issues we face in our service to the Gospel, and their significance for the evangelization of American culture. Each of us has a part in this mission. We are all called to let God use us as He desires to draw others to Himself.


What part does our Home play in this mission? As Little Sisters, we are not called to achieve anything. We are not focused on running a five-star facility, having the newest technology or the best strategic plan for the next century. We are called to accompany others during the final phase of their journey of life. We are called to a compassion that is willing to be one with our Residents; a compassion that does not seek to shorten or simplify the journey so that we are free to do what would make life easier or less painful. A loving and joyful sharing of the “every days” and the “final days” reminds those whose lives we share that “God exists, He loves you very much, and His only desire that you be with Him forever in heaven.” Ours is an evangelization of the heart.


There will always be enough work for us to do, enough challenges to meet, and better ways to do things. But if we remember that we are God’s instruments, we will become, with His grace, real Little Sisters of the Poor, which is the humble task of evangelization Our Lord confided to us.