Many Hands Make Our Gardens Grow

Many visitors who come to the Little Sisters of the Poor ask us, “Who takes care of your landscaping?” We are glad to answer that all of the flower gardens, plant selections, post-storm repairs, trimming, pruning, and watering are taken care of by our very own Volunteers and Residents. 

Sr. Collette, our Volunteer Coordinator, oversees the care of the gardens. She has been in charge of the gardens for three years. When asked about the Volunteers she says, “They are so great! God bless them!” She says that she gives a job in the garden to anyone who comes by, and that there are so many people to thank for how the grounds look today.

Our main groundskeeper is Volunteer Denise Heron. She comes in to help with landscaping and anything that needs to be done. Han Van Duong, another Volunteer, helps to water and maintain the gardens five or six days a week. Resident Sarah Jordan takes care of the spice garden. Resident Stahl Epstein assists with the tomatoes. Residents Lucille Kyle (with volunteer Michelle Southworth) and Doris Taylor each take care of a garden.

Residents such as Louise DuVal, Esperanza Pascual, and Margaret Killian have designated porches to care for, which are for the enjoyment of all! Margaret Killian says that taking care of a porch “feels like I am at home;” she is glad to share her porch with everyone. Even the activities department takes care of a porch that has a small vegetable garden.

We are blessed to have plant and garden supply donations from many nurseries and garden centers to make all of this possible.

On warm, sunny days, Residents spend time outside to read, to share a good conversation, or to simply enjoy the beauty of the outdoors.

The peaceful and inviting landscape is the fruit of the labor of many hands, or should we say green thumbs. You are always welcome to visit our gardens, to take advantage of some peaceful prayer opportunities, and to enjoy some fresh air … or maybe even some tomatoes!