Late Night Catechism ‘Students’ and ‘Sister’ Raise Over $2,000 for the Little Sisters

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Recently, we were blessed by an unexpected donation from a showing of Late Night Catechism at the Gottwald Playhouse here in Richmond. The production, put on by Mary Zentmyer of Entertainment Events, Inc. from New Jersey, is an interactive off-Broadway hit comedy act. Designed to replicate the experience of Catechism classes from the stage, the show transports the audience directly into the world of checkered linoleum classrooms, school books, and neatly pressed uniforms while the ‘Sister’ presides over the evening (and the ‘students’) with her ruler. A hilarious and lively show, the comedy transcends the bounds of Catholicism, inviting non-Catholics and Catholics alike to participate in the fun.

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Our very own Development Director, Christy Heinen, had the distinct pleasure of seeing the show while it was in town, and was pleasantly surprised when ‘Sister’ announced at the closing of the evening that she would be taking up a collection for…The Little Sisters of the Poor here in Richmond! Christy was able to catch up with Mary after the show for a chat, where Mary explained that it was her tradition to take up a collection in every city toward the care of retired Sisters of a local Order. In total, the Richmond showings raised $2,027.49 for our Little Sisters! We are so thankful to Mary, Entertainment Events, Inc., the Gottwald Playhouse, and the generous patrons of Richmond’s production for their support.