Feast Day Celebrations

Celebrate we did! With the exceptional planning of the Sisters, staff, and many volunteers, our Home pulled off a wonderful celebration honoring our Mother Foundress, Saint Jeanne Jugan on her feast day. This day is very special to the Little Sisters and they treated it as such and allowed all of us to enjoy the festivities.

The day started off with a giant waffle breakfast for the Residents, Staff, and Volunteers. Everyone came together bright and early in the auditorium to enjoy one another’s company while noshing delicious made-to-order waffles with all the trimmings. With such a hearty start to the day, the Residents had full bellies to carry them through the extra special Mass with Bishop Sullivan.

The Residents didn’t have long before it was on to the next celebration. Chef Paul Elbling and our own Chef Alain worked tirelessly for the past week preparing a gourmet French bistro lunch. With the help of our dedicated Volunteers, the Residents’ dining rooms were transformed into French bistros just in time for the crowds to arrive. The Residents lined up eagerly while Chefs Paul and Alain served up mini quiche, shrimp cocktail, lamb chop Provençale, salmon coulibiac, and French pastries. And they didn’t forget the wine and piano music!

Well the festivities didn’t end then. The Residents attended a special interactive drumming session together. A music therapist came to teach various drumming rhythms and told stories to go along with the various beats. Each Resident and volunteer was given a drum. The whole auditorium was filled with the sounds of rhythmic drumming. It was very soothing to hear and loads of fun.

To round out the feast day celebrations, the ice cream truck came out to satisfy everyone’s afternoon sweet tooth. One of our generous benefactors donated all of the ice cream! Residents, Employees, Volunteers, and Sisters alike savored the delectable ice cream treats in the summer sunshine that will soon come to an end – just like we were kids! But we are all young at heart, right? Here’s to a great feast day, St. Jeanne Jugan!


Click here to view a photo slideshow from our celebration.