Celebrating Fathers Everywhere











We celebrated Father’s Day a few days early with a men’s fish fry put on by CJ Meade, our Home’s building engineer. With the help of Employee Shawn Welch and Volunteer Frank Wayne, CJ cooked up his favorite recipe of fried tilapia for the male Residents. “It’s the best in the city,” he says. CJ began this tradition four years ago as a father helping to serve the other fathers with an ultimate goal of bringing people together to celebrate father’s day. Special thanks to Stokes McCune of St. Patrick’s Catholic Church for letting the Home borrow his deep fryers every year!

A few fun father facts to throw your way: We currently have 16 male Residents, 10 of whom are fathers. As a collective, our male Residents are fathers to 29 children. WOW! Remembering all our fathers, grandfathers, and great-grandfathers out there and wishing each of you a VERY special day.