A ‘Ray’ of Sunshine at the Little Sisters of the Poor

Last week the Residents enjoyed a wonderful visit with Nikki-Dee Ray, the Meteorologist from CBS 6. Having visited before, Nikki-Dee is a popular figure here at the Home, and many Residents love catching her on the morning news.

Residents were eager to hear her input on hurricanes Harvey and Irma that had just devastated numerous American cities and dominated news coverage for the past two weeks, so Nikki-Dee spent the first part of her visit answering questions and talking about how hurricanes form and grow, and why these two were so significant.

After her presentation, she spent the rest of her visit chatting and laughing with Residents, and before she left the Activities staff presented her with a basket of little baby gifts made by the Residents and a plate of cookies made by our very own Resident baker Rosemary Miserendino.

Thank you Nikki-Dee for taking the time to spread a little sunshine to our Residents, we hope you’ll come back again soon!

Check out the video above where Nikki-Dee talked about her visit on the news the following morning!